Custom made kitchens

Everything in our kitchens is made to serve you best

Custom made wardrobes

Life is too short to have poor furniture...

Tailor made furniture

We will not waste even 1 cm of your space

Furniture is our passion!

We prepare complete projects, then produce and install tailor-made furniture at clients’ place. We aim at highest quality but in reasonable prices. Our clients are mainly in Poland, but quite often also abroad.

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Who we are

I have been linked with carpentry from the age of 18 and my first custom made wardrobe. It has been many years but I still find passion in creating furniture. I follow the trends, implement new technologies. My greatest satisfaction lays in fact that my work is appreciated by our clients who recommend it further and further. Please take a look at our site, meet us and choose the best custom made furniture from Mikkon.

Łukasz Pernak

Custom made furniture

  • kitchens and kitchen furniture
  • tailor made wardrobes
  • sliding-door wardrobes
  • dressing-rooms
  • closets, lockers, cupboards
  • bathroom furniture
  • kids’ and teenagers’ rooms
  • sleeping rooms furniture and beds
  • tables and commodes
  • corner furniture
  • slope furniture
  • office furniture

Our services are precision

Fittings and systems

In our furniture we use the solutions of:
We use furniture boards KRONOPOL, KRONOSPAN i EGGER,
as well as natural wood of any finish (oil, paint, lacquer, veneer and others).